Tree Removal

Tree removal is sometimes necessary. When a tree is dead or determined to be hazardous, our trained staff can assess the best strategy for removal. Safety concerns, a tree’s proximity to nearby utility lines, roads and structures, and individual tree structure are all factors that we consider when determining the best method for tree removal.

While some trees can be dropped where they are standing, others are best taken down in pieces either by a trained climber/sawyer, or by utilizing our cranes or bucket trucks. This method allows for precise placement of limbs on the ground for safe and efficient removal. Our skilled sawyers are familiar with the tight spacing required for safely falling large trees on mountain property.

Do you have a problem tree located in a difficult area for removal? Nate’s skilled climbers and equipment operators have the skills to remove that tree without damaging other trees, utilities or structures.

Clean Up

The job isn’t over until the site is cleaned up. Contracts usually include cost for removing and disposing of all tree debris. Our chipper-shredders grind left over branches into mulch. Large logs are stacked for removal by our self loading log truck. Clients may choose to keep all or some of the wood from a tree removal. We can also leave behind mulch for your garden or landscaping.