Vehicles & Equipment

Our fleet of vehicles and equipment is unsurpassed in the region. When it comes to tree maintenance and removal, we’ve got the right tools to get the job done right. Our Bobcats, cranes, bucket trucks, and tree movers are built expressly for this kind of work. From the quality of the chainsaws used by our sawyers to our state-of-the-art bucket trucks, Nate’s equipment and operators will ensure you tree jobs are handled safely and efficiently.

Our wide range of equipment allow us to successfully tackle your most challenging and difficult tree jobs. When you hire Nate’s Tree Service, you put our extensive fleet of equipment to work on your property. Our efficient tools and experienced crews allow us to bid jobs competitively and make sure our client’s objectives are met and on schedule. Don’t make the mistake of hiring an amateur when it comes to maintaining your most valuable asset, your property.

Our Equipment Fleet includes:

• 1- 60’ Bucket Truck
• 3- Skid Steer Bobcats
• 5- Dump Bed Chip trucks
• 5- Chippers
• 2- Self Loading Debris/Log Truck
• 1- Dump Truck
• 5- Fully Equipped Tool Trucks