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Distibution & Transmission

Working directly with the largest utility companies in California, Nate’s Tree Service Inc. has some of the most experienced and safest employees when it comes to power line safety and performance. Our organization supports all program and project management from A to Z. Starting from Pre-Inspection teams to final Audit Control Teams, Nate’s Tree Service industry professionals ensure that the work is done timely, professionally, and efficiently. Nate’s Tree Service Inc. is committed to our customer, employees, and the community to work safely and professionally always.

  • Pre-Inspection

  • Utility Line Clearing

  • Mastication

  • Routine Maintenance

  • CEMA

  • Audit and Inventory

  • Vegetation Management Consulting

  • Contracted Vegetation Management

  • System Hardening

  • Emergency Support Service

  • Storm & Disaster Recovery

  • Wood Management

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